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We Manufacture and Extrude:
Custom, Rigid, and Flexible
Plastic Trim, Plastic Borders,
Plastic Framing, and Plastic Molding

We have the capabilities to fulfill your
requirements FAST and SAVE you money.

Seagate Plastic Manufacturers

  • Thin Wall Plastic Edging / Framing
  • Heavy Gauge Plastic Edging / Framing
  • Plastic Borders
  • Flexible Plastic Borders
  • Rigid Plastic Borders

Low, Medium, and High
Volume Applications

Notching, bending, and assembling available

Many material and color options available

Adding rigidity and a finished edge to your products


Contact us and Jay will be happy to help, or call 419-878-5010


Need a fast quote on
custom Borders?

Jay would be happy to help,
fill out our quick form, or call,
for a hassle free quote.

(419) 878-5010

Contact us to learn more via our form
or Call Us (419) 878-5010

Contact Seagate Plastics at (419) 878-5010 
for pricing, special orders and product information. 

With over 25 years experience, Seagate Plastics
is a trusted manufacturer of quality custom extruded plastic trim, plastic borders, plastic framing, and plastic molding

Contact us to learn more via our form or Call Us (419) 878-5010