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Our products can be used with a variety of different substrates including wood, metal, corrugated paper and composite materials.

Call and ask us about our patented clip lock design which eliminates the need for traditional fasteners and/or adhesives.

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SeaGate Plastics manufactures plastic sheet connectors, joiners and plastic edging

At SeaGate Plastics in Toledo, we make plastic sheet connectors, plastic sign edging and plastic joiners for your company needs.

Plastic sign edging and sheet connectors can be made using a variety of durable materials. Additionally, we can produce plastic sheet joiners in a variety of colors. Plastic edging is ideal for covering sharp edges and protecting parts during shipping.

SeaGate Plastics makes many different styles of sturdy plastic joiner channels for sheet and many different size angles.

A plastic sheet joiner is used to attach two or more pieces of plastic or another substrate to make a wider piece. Joiners can be made of any durometer plastic. Joiners are used in addition to glue or fasteners to make a strong, durable and long-lasting joint.

Because it can be made  flexible, plastic edging is the edging of choice for curving signs and borders. We manufacture plastic moldings for our wide range of plastic sheets. The h-joints, interior corners, exterior corners, and cap moldings come in many different sizes .

Joiners, plastic sheet connectors and plastic sign edging is valuable because they allow for the connection of different plastic sheets into a larger area and they can help protect edges from being worn away. Plastic sign edging also holds your signs in place and keeps them looking good. Plastic edging protects and decorates the edges of most rigid substrate signs. Plastic edging is available in assorted colors.

Plastic edging and plastic edging caps add a finished look to signs and posters. Increase the strength of important prints with the help of high quality plastic edging from SeaGate Plastics. Plastic sign edging can also hide minor defects along the plastic sheet.

Our plastic sign corner guards are made from a tough engineering thermoplastic. Polycarbonate parts can be ordered crystal clear or in an array of vivid and accurate colors to match your plastic sign. Properties of our plastic sign connectors include ease of fabrication, high impact strength, and excellent transparency. It is strong, tough, and durable and can be cut and sawed with standard equipment.

SeaGate Plastics joiners can simply push-fit onto each plastic sheet, to produce butt joints and right-angle joints, and for fixing axles, etc.

Plastic joiners we manufacture include:

  • 90 degree plastic angle joiners
  • Three-way plastic joiners
  • Two-way channel joiners
  • U-channel plastic joiners
  • End cap joiners
  • Two-way plastic corner joiners

SeaGate Plastics sheet connectors, joiners and plastic edging can be used for:

  • Sign edging
  • Appliances
  • Furniture edging and corners
  • Automotive edging
  • Cubicle wall connectors
  • Any edging or trimming that needs plastic



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