Seagate Plastics Sneeze Guards

The Clear Choice in Protective Barriers

Seagate Plastics Now Provides Superior Sneeze Guards

Since the arrival of Covid-19, providing safety for both employees and customers has never been more important. Sneeze Guards from Seagate Plastics present a smart, proactive way to provide protection for both your employees and your customers. Adding Seagate Sneeze Guards to any retail point-of-purchase locations, countertops or check stands or throughout offices, medical centers, schools and other facilities is a great way to provide protection that everyone will appreciate.

At Seagate Plastics, we have been manufacturing high-quality, affordable plastics in our manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Michigan for over 33 years. Our proven knowledge in plastic acrylic applications is a big reason why our Sneeze Guards and Protective Barriers make the difference in so many lives. All of our Protective Barriers are made from 0.250” thick durable plastic acrylic for light weight and durability that is more impact resistant than glass, yet offers similar optical qualities. Plus, they can be sanitized easily with non-abrasive cleaners.

Seagate’s selection of Sneeze Guards and Protective Barriers include:

  • Plastic Sneeze Guards (Retail, Desktop, Vertical, Free-Standing)
  • Plastic Protective Barriers
  • Plastic Dividers
  • Plastic Safety Shields
  • Desktop or Table Mount
  • Free Standing/Floor Mount
  • Custom Models
  • Portable Barriers
  • Permanent Barriers
  • Hanging Models

Sneeze Guards from Seagate Plastics are made in America to deliver the protection that everyone needs now more than ever. Nobody does it better. Let us help you make your workplace as safe as possible today.



Sneeze Guard with Optional Pass-through Window



Table Dividers



Desktop or Table Mount



Freestanding/Floor Mount

Get the Custom Design That Works Best for You:

  • Your Design Type: __________(Choose from A, B, C or D above)
  • For Type A, specify if Pass-through window is needed: __Yes __No

Your Dimensions: _______________(Specify Length x width x height in inches)

  • Use These Basic Design Types As Your Guide:
  • A. Sneeze Guard with Optional Pass-through Window
  • B. Table Dividers
  • C. Desktop or Table Mount
  • D. Freestanding/Floor Mount

Our Complete Selection of Social Distancing Protective Barriers That Work

Includes Sneeze Guard and Protective Panels for Point-of-Purchase Locations, Offices, Medical Facilities, Pharmacies, Institutional Facilities and more.

Popular Models:

  • Retail Guard
  • Transparent panels with rounded corners for easy installation anywhere without special hardware.
  • Desktop Sneeze Guard
  • The desktop sneeze guard is a vertical model that provides portable protection.
  • Table Dividers
  • Interlocking clear plastic office and cafeteria table dividers serve as a safety barrier with complete transparency that will not obscure vision.
  • Portable Office Desk Partitions
  • A u-shaped office desk partition that provides protective work spaces.
  • Custom Sneeze Guard – Freestanding
  • Custom cut-to-size desktop protective barriers with rounded corners. A Pass-through window slot is available.
  • Custom Sneeze Guard - Fixed
  • Custom cut-to-size sneeze guards with 4 holes and rounded corners.
  • Tall Vertical Sneeze Guard
  • Taller than desktop sneeze guards, these vertical guards serve as a physical barrier and are effective in a waiting room setting.
  • Cubicle Partition Extensions
  • Clear plastic sneeze guard office partition extensions for partitioned areas and cubicles.
  • Cashier Sneeze Guard
  • A Transparent panel that can be installed almost anywhere without special hardware.
  • Restroom Urinal Divider and Partition Extender
  • Extends bathroom urinal partitions.
  • Acrylic Sheet – Clear Film Masked
  • Extruded Acrylic offers easy handling and affordable cost.
  • Custom Sneeze Guards for Reception Desks and Cashiers
  • Customized transparent panels that can be installed in most spaces without special hardware.
  • Portable Office Barriers
  • Freestanding sheets for offices that serve as portable sneeze guards to protect employees even in small spaces.
  • Portable Freestanding Desk Guard
  • A portable desk guard designed for convenient use in schools, universities and workspaces.
  • Portable Divider Wall/ Sneeze Guard Office Table Dividers
  • Portable divider walls designed for applications as table dividers in cafeterias, break rooms and commons areas.
  • Portable School Desk Guard
  • U-shaped school desk guards protect students and faculty in classrooms and libraries.

Popular Medical Models:

  • Medical Personnel Protective Barriers
  • These standalone desktop barriers are effective for nurse stations, medical clinics, and other point-of-purchase locations.